26 Settembre 2023


Nave Vespucci and Luna Rossa meet again

After over 20 years since the historic meeting in New Zealand between the Amerigo Vespucci and Luna Rossa, the “most beautiful ship in the world” and the team that will represent Italy in the 37th America’s Cup cross bows once again.

In 2002, in fact, as Luna Rossa was preparing to compete in its second America’s Cup in New Zealand (with its America’s Cup Class monohull), the Vespucci docked in Auckland while conducting its first circumnavigation of the globe. On that occasion, in front of thousands of fans and televisions tuned in to follow the oldest event in the history of sport, the two boats met in the Gulf of Hauraki, where they were immortalized by Carlo Borlenghi’s lens in a shot soon to become iconic.


Today, to celebrate the meeting between the two boats, both ambassadors of Italy in the world, the prototype of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team sailed side by side with the Italian Navy’s training ship in the waters off Cagliari’s Ichnusa pier.

«Crossing the Vespucci is always exciting», said Max Sirena, Skipper and Team Director of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli. «Luna Rossa and the Marina Militare training ship are two icons of Italian sailing and, despite their difference in terms of age, type and design, they both respond to the same laws of the sea and wind. We first encountered Vespucci in Auckland, during the 31st edition of the America’s Cup. Today, over 20 years later, we met in proximity of our base in Cagliari for another sail together and to wish each other “good luck”, in view of two important upcoming events: the 37th America’s Cup for Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and the round-the-world voyage for the Vespucci».


«I wish fair winds and calm seas to Luna Rossa for the next challenge», says the Commander of Nave Vespucci, Captain Luigi Romagnoli«The Italian Navy and Luna Rossa are preparing for two challenges deeply rooted in the myth of seafaring: the round-the-world voyage and the America’s Cup. We will face these events on two extremely different but equally unique vessels, the Amerigo Vespucci and the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team’s AC75. We share the same dedication, professionalism, and team spirit, as well as respect for the sea and its rules. The crew of the Vespucci will undoubtedly cheer for them».


Immortalizing the spectacular crossing between the bow of the prototype that flew by at over 40 knots on foils and that of the majestic Vespucci, unfurling her sails to the wind, were several photographers – including Carlo Borlenghi – TV operators and journalists.

A select group of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailors boarded the Vespucci and, under the orders of the Commander Captain Luigi Romagnoli, had the opportunity to experience the timeless appeal of traditional navigation, where maneuvers are still conducted as they were on 19th century vessels.

Once the celebratory event was over, the Luna Rossa prototype returned to the hangar to prepare for its upcoming days of training, while the Vespucci set sail again in view of the round-the-world voyage (departure 1 July 2023). Twenty one years after its first trip to New Zealand, Nave Vespucci will take its crew and cadets to 32 different destinations in 5 continents, for a total of 20 months, combining traditional training activities with cooperation and promotion of its country’s image and the excellence of symbolic Italian-made products.